Terry Fox Run

It has been 36 years since Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope in order to raise awareness and money for cancer treatment.  When he started his goal was to raise one dollar for every Canadian.  Since then, the Terry Fox foundation has raised over $650 million.  

We are holding our school Terry Fox Run on September 28th at 9:30 am.  In keeping with Terry Fox's goal, we are asking students to bring in a loonie before our school run on the 28th.  If you would like to donate more than a dollar, we have a school pledge page set up. Click here to make your donation online and receive a receipt for tax purposes.

House Leagues Kick Off

House Leagues are a great way for our Div 2 students to get involved in school.  This year, house points are not only awarded for House Leagues, but also for taking part in Choir, Library Club, Juice Boxes and Art Club.

Check out our giant mega dodge ball game involving all members of the Panthers, Lions, Jaguars and Tigers.  Go Wildcats!

School Busing Information

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Check out our Winston Churchill  busing maps on the link found at the top of our webpage.

Literacy at Our School

A life-long love of literacy is a goal for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 at Winston Churchill School. From the very beginning in Kindergarten, we provide opportunities for learning about language, sounds and letters in an inquiry model. Reading books about chicks, observing them hatch, and writing science journals are a part of daily language exploration as well as questioning, researching, printing or even singing. Students are challenged to use both their spoken and written language to interpret the world around them while building the foundations of literacy they will need in school and in life.

Our Grade 1-3 focus is on developing students’ reading skills, using the Saskatchewan Reads curricular document to support Modelled Reading, Shared Reading, Guided Reading and Independent Reading. Balanced literacy in those primary classrooms, plus the interventions provided by our Literacy Coach, First Nations/Métis Literacy Support Teacher and Educational Support Teachers give us the opportunity to provide high quality and individualized attention to ALL students.

Grades 4-6 students work on refining and applying their reading and writing skills through Reading for Meaning and Writing for a Purpose. Targeted Intervention supports continue to be applied and technology is used to assist our students to meet curricular outcomes. Our School Literacy Improvement Team, with teacher representatives from each grade level, is focused on Writing assessments and instructional strategies, with a significant improvement being seen in student writing quality.

A foundation for these literacy activities is a love of literacy and a love for learning, which is modelled by staff at our school. Book cover door decorations, the home reading program, literacy month activities, guest readers on the announcements, a run-on story, mystery books, daily spelling bee words, parent-picnic literacy lunch, creative writing camps, spelling club, storybook character spirit day, and a twitter summer reading contest make literacy fun for all in our Winston Churchill community.


Discover how the Lloydminster Public School Division puts your child's education first through its literacy priority!

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