Our School

Grades Taught

Kindergarten to Grade 6


Amy Skinner


Les Korn


Ensuring personal growth in a respectful learning community.


We value:

  • Respect – yourself, others and property 
  • Collaboration – amongst students, staff and families 
  • Integrity – be truthful, fair and honest in all things 
  • Persistence – try your best and never give up 
  • Safety – emotional and physical safety for all 
  • Responsibility – be accountable and dependable 
  • Adaptability – willingness to embrace change 
  • Empathy – understand the perspective of others 
  • Diversity – celebrate the differences among others


We believe:

  • a quality education must include partnerships among family, school and community. 
  • every person can experience emotional, social and academic growth. 
  • a positive and safe school climate enhances learning. 
  • in recognizing and celebrating the efforts and achievements of our school community. 
  • effective instruction is guided by research and best practices. 
  • all learners will receive an engaging and effective education according to their needs. 
  • we are successful when we take ownership of our own learning.