Winston Churchill School Community Council

SCCs are school-level advisory bodies that are required in every school.  The Education Act, 1995 and The Education Regulations,1986 provide a common, yet flexible, framework for all SCCs.  Under the authority of boards of education, SCCs have specific powers and duties. SCCs consist of elected members and appointed members.  SCCs work with parents and community to develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth.  They encourage and facilitate the involvement of youth, parents and the community in school planning and improvement processes.  For information about the SCCs in your school or school division, contact your school principal or school division office.

Chairperson - Chrissy Gee

Secretary/Treasurer - 

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Have you ever wondered what the SCC is? What SCC stands for? Or what exactly we do?

SCC stands for School Community Council.  We are a group of parents, grandparents, guardians and caregivers that are passionate about building community, relationships and positive experiences in our school.  We have one meeting a month and at these meetings we brainstorm about what we can do to improve, get involved and help our school to be an even better place. Our common interest is getting involved in our little peoples lives. There is no mandatory volunteer time. You can decide what works best in your schedule and the interests you have.  Some things that have been SCC sponsored in the past are hot lunches, school dances, movie nights, free popcorn for the school movie in December and fall supper. Have you noticed the new scooter rack in front of the school? That beautiful rack came from brainstorming at an SCC meeting last year.  It was created and donated by Matt Simms, a dad at our school and Foremost Industries, who he works for.  We are always looking for people to participate in what we do.  Maybe you have a special skill set that you would like to share with our students? Maybe you want to attend meetings and get involved in the decision making process? Or you just have a little spare time and want to volunteer when you can. If you want to get involved stop by a meeting or get in touch with us.  Send an email to Chrissy (SCC chair) at or give the school a call and get on a volunteer list.

All meetings this year will be on the same day as assemblies, with the exception of September.  Meetings will run over the lunch hour from 11:45-12:30. If you have younger kids at home, bring them along. Assemblies are either right before lunch or right after, so we welcome you to come to our meetings as well as the school assembly. Hot Lunches will be on early dismissal Wednesdays with the exception of September. Our first hot lunch will be in October. 

The following dates will have SCC meetings this year.  Come to one, a few or all.  Again, we are always welcome to new people attending. No meeting in June
Thursday May 30th 
Monday April 29th
Thursday March 28th
Wednesday February 27th
Thursday January 31st
No meeting in December 
Wednesday November 28th
Thursday October 25th 
Wednesday September 12th
We are looking forward to another great school year and hope to see you out to some SCC sponsored events!
Winston Churchill School Community Council

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